The Book Coaching Process

Why choose me as a book writing coach?

True, there are tons of YouTube videos, webinars, and courses that teach you how to write and publish your book. The difference with me is that, as a certified life coach, I am using coaching techniques to provide in-depth understanding of your personality and needs in order to guide you with the best approach that works best for you.

In other words, my approach is no-nonsense, easy, fast & direct!
I will show all the steps without skimming the stuff that matters, without boring, technical jargon, BUT by using fun, innovative, collaborative coaching techniques!​

What you will learn

Below, you can find some of the topics we will cover together. Of course, the following is for guidelines only – it goes without saying that I will not waste your time with things you already know or are not interested in finding out about.

  • Why write a book
  • Potential obstacles
  • Why self-publish?
  • How much will it cost to publish?
  • Choosing your topic and target audience
  • How long should your book be?
  • Which apps will you need?
  • Finding the ideal title
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • Different writing processes
  • Social media and pre-launch marketing
  • Designing your cover
  • Book blurb, description
  • Finding beta readers
  • Best seller secrets
  • and much more…
What extra value are you getting?

As a Certified Life Coach, I will also be able to coach you on issues related to personal development IN ADDITION to providing my book coaching services. And you will only pay for the book coaching part.

This is a unique hybrid method of life coaching techniques and book coaching consultation/

Grab your free guide!

Before you proceed, get my free guide that demystifies the main obstacles to writing a book and shows you how easy it can be and how you can do it for as little as you can imagine.