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It is now easier than ever to write and self-publish a book at a low cost. Just with the click of a button, you can instantly have your book published worldwide.

So why not take advantage of this opportunity and let an expert book writing coach guide you? 

Today is your chance to finally write the book you’ve been meaning to write for a long time.

Soon, you might be holding your own book in your hands.



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See your book published internationally!

Amazon lets you publish worldwide as soon as you have your manuscript ready (some editing & a nice cover come in handy too!)


Amazon Paperback

Amazon uses "print-on-demand" technology to publish your book. This means that when someone purchases it, a copy is printed and sent to them instantly. Best part? It's free to publish on Amazon, plus you can keep up to 70% of the profit per book sold.


The flexibility of the ebook is still underrated! Just imagine that anyone, from any continent, can buy your book, even on a Sunday evening! And read it on their device instantly! Again, you get to keep up to 70% of the profits if you publish on Amazon! But it's not just Amazon: there are numerous other platforms where you can sell your ebook!


Even if you self-publish your book, you are free to distribute it to your preferred bookshops and libraries. Some people prefer to have their books sold in local bookstores, and if you believe this will help you gain more recognition, go ahead and try it!

book writing coach online

Meet Constantine, your book writing coach!

As an online book writing coach, with an academic background in English and Marketing, and work experience in the self-publishing industry (not to mention a tech junkie and a certified life & business coach), I'm here to help you

Oh, did I mention I published an international bestseller too?

From teaching English to becoming a best-selling author, my journey is far from ordinary. Caught between my passion for teaching and a longing for creative fulfillment, I found myself constantly juggling teaching duties, writing arts reviews, fitness, and digital exploration.

Everything changed when I read Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Workweek.” It was a wake-up call, leading me to dive deep into the world of self-publishing. Partnering with a friend, we started helping others publish their works. But my ambition didn’t stop there.

I delved into mastering Scrivener, a writing software, and eventually wrote my own user guide. Despite a tight schedule and wavering commitment, I completed my manuscript. The launch of my Scrivener guide turned my life around, quickly becoming an Amazon bestseller and catching media attention.

This transformation from a teacher to a successful author wasn’t easy, but it taught me the power of perseverance. If I could make this leap, so can you. Let my journey inspire and guide you on your own path to self-publishing success.

"As an international book translator, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Constantine on our self-publishing project. I was impressed by his knowledge of methodologies, organisation, and delivering quality results with an eye for detail to our clients (all of them authors). From copywriting to blurbs to advice on cover design and software tools, he was an expert. Not to mention his life coaching abilities, which proved useful. But above all, it is his positive energy and sense of trust that I’d single out as his best assets!"

Foteini Moschi, International Book Translator,

Topics I Discuss as a Book Writing Coach



Some people think that you need talent to write, but research has confirmed the importance of motivation and dedication for visible results.




Let’s get clear about your ideas, chapters, structure, and length. 




Software & Tools

No need to spend money here – you can use Google Docs for free, but we will also look at other tools that may be useful to you.




Pre-launch marketing

Create your “tribe” of beta readers, your early fanbase, and promote your book before it’s even written!



Social presence

Even if you prefer to avoid social media, we can look into other ways to get your book in front of potential readers. In any case, we need to establish a visual presence as soon as possible.


Launch Day

The most undervalued step! You must now ensure that everything we’ve worked on thus far comes to fruition and propels your sales. Let us try our hardest to make it a best seller, shall we?


Post-launch marketing

Unfortunately, after launch, you must maintain momentum in some way. There are certain steps here, but we can see the most efficient strategies together.



Sustainable sales & success

You want your book to be relevant and sell for years to come, don’t you? Let’s go over some viable options.

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